Saturday, July 5, 2014

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Introduction by Richie Diener's best friend, Lenny Langone:

"My name is Lenny. I was Richie's best friend when his life was taken away by his father. I know how it all went down on the night that it happened. He did not have to be killed. Richie's father was not a nice man. He didn't like any of Richie's friends."
Lenny passed away in 2010. His parents got him help after Richie was shot to death by his father, an expert marksman, when Richie was under the influence of disabling drugs and could barely stand up.

Lenny was successful in the printing business, and became a loving husband and wonderful father to his two children.  
Lenny posted a statement on
You can find comments by Lenny on this blog. Lenny never got over Richie's death. He saw the good side in Richie, and knew that Richie, had he lived, would have overcome drug abuse.
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Please include your state or country; it emphasizes the fact that addiction exists everywhere.


  1. My mother was friends with Richie as well,
    Her name is RoseAnn Hammargren

  2. I remember watching this on TV and my mom was also watching. I was on the couch in back of her quietly crying throughout the movie. I was so struck by the parents trying to help Richie and get him help. My parents never did anything like that for me.

  3. I remember the movie when it aired in 1977 on NBC and I was a senior in high school in Indiana. I didn't watch it, however it was the main topic of conversation the next day. All the students seemed to side with Richie. A common phrase I heard was, "His father didn't give him a chance." What was the story of what really happened? Heaven only knows.